Councillor Chahal's Stance on the New Arena Deal

On July 29, 2019, Councillor Chahal sent Calgary City Council a letter describing his thoughts and position on the new arena deal.  The letter highlights a number of questions and suggestions Councillor Chahal has in relation to the deal.

Ward 5 Councillor George Chahal sent an official letter to City Council on July 29, 2019, describing his views on the new arena deal, supporting the delay of the decision to consult further and conduct proper due diligence prior to him supporting the deal. Councillor Chahal believes that there are a number of outstanding items that need to be addressed and clarified prior to Council voting on the deal.

“We have a duty to ensure we are acting in the best interests of Calgarians. We need to ensure every elected member of Council understands the details of the deal and makes a responsible decision. We may not always agree on all decisions, but we should be making informed decisions. I agree with my fellow councillors who believe the decision should be delayed so that all questions are answered to their satisfaction regardless of whether they ultimately support the deal or not,” said Chahal.

The arena deal is scheduled to be in front of Council on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 for a vote on whether to agree to the deal on behalf of Calgarians.

“I don’t understand the urgency with approving this so quickly. I encourage and support a delay to give us the appropriate time to do our due diligence. I believe we as Council would be irresponsible by rushing a decision. If I was buying a car or a house, I would spend more time on due diligence than what Council is proposing on over $300 million in direct and indirect spending.” Chahal continued, “City Council’s approach to this process and decision is a litmus test for fiscal accountability.”


See the full text of the letter below.  Letter to Council

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