Financial Relief for Taxpayers

In July,Calgary City Council unanimously passed Councillor Chahal's motion titled Financial Relief for Taxpayers, which directed Administration to explore scenarios for relaxation of penalties for late payment of property tax. At today's Combined Meeting of Council, Administration recommended that the penalty for late payments be reduced from 7% to 3.5%. This recommendation was approved by Council, and will come into effect on October 1.


Cancelling 50% of the late penalties applied to property tax bills will allow those experiencing economic challenges to defer payment without being subjected to as substantial a financial burden.


"Calgarians have experienced financial challenges on many fronts, such as volatile energy markets, storm damage, and COVID-19 pandemic shutdown effects," said Chahal. "Reducing late payment penalties on property tax bills from 7% to 3.5% will provide short term financial relief to property owners, while still incentivizing timely payments on outstanding balances."


See the recommendations brought forward by Administration here.

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