Future Blue Line LRT Extension

I have been a strong advocate for the extension of the Blue Line LRT (including the spur line to the Calgary International Airport) which is a major infrastructure project we have been pushing for in our Ward.

Extension of the LRT in the northeast will serve some of the fastest growing communities in all Calgary. Beyond that, northeast Calgary has some of the highest transit ridership numbers in the city and an extension of the Blue Line LRT will help make the movement of a transit-savvy portion population even more mobile.

As a part of the Blue Line LRT extension, the Airport spur line connection will ultimately provide transit access to the Calgary International Airport by connecting the future Green Line LRT with the Blue Line LRT. The Airport spur line would also provide for the quickest and most efficient transit route to the airport and provide an opportunity, just like every other major metropolitan city in North America, for a direct connection to the airport.

Prior to the Blue Line, LRT Extension moving forward, I brought forward a Notice of Motion earlier this year to look at the interim use of the LRT corridor for a variety of purposes. The administration is working on identifying a series of interim uses for the LRT corridor that includes but is not limited to transit improvements, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and parks that can be converted to LRT infrastructure in the long term. As part of this initiative I am also advocating for interim bus transit service between Redstone, Skyview Ranch, Cityscape and Cornerstone and Saddeltowne LRT station on 60th St. N.E. to mirror the future Blue Line LRT route.

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