Hailstorm Assistance from City Hall

If you are struggling to navigate the insurance process for your hailstorm damage claim, call our hotline: 403-369-9483, or email hailstorm@georgechahal.ca.

Visit www.calgary.ca/taxrelief to learn about the 2020 Property Tax Hailstorm Relief Program.

Hello Ward 5,

I brought forward another motion to provide additional relief to Northeast residents who are struggling, through no fault of their own, to deal with the damage caused by the June hailstorm. Here is the full text: 

Full text of Hailstorm Notice of Motion brought to Council on November 2, 2020.

It has been almost five months for Northeast Calgary residents impacted by the June 13th hailstorm. These are difficult times for Calgarians and we need to ensure nobody is left behind, especially given that other levels of government have abdicated their responsibilities.

Touring Ward 5 damage with Council colleagues.

This motion is to ensure that those in dire need do not fall between the cracks, unable to manage the insurance process, pay their deductibles, and mitigate additional damage to their homes while struggling through the pandemic like all of us. Council is directing Administration to allow those who meet the following criteria to defer their property tax until December 2021.

I am disappointed with the lack of support and urgency from other levels of government. It is unfortunate that this burden falls on the shoulders of City Council - the level of government with the least financial capacity - as it is now apparent that there are no other options for government support. Unlike other levels of government, we will not request that our residents call the Red Cross or other non-profit organizations when in need, although we are infinitely grateful for the support charitable organizations have provided. As elected officials in Calgary, we will do our part to support those in need.

Observing damage up close.

I will be chairing a roundtable with senior executives from major Canadian insurance companies. Insurance affordability, industry capacity to respond to similar events, and possible discounts and surcharges for use or non-use of resilient building product will be among topics of discussion.

Finally, I will be making my Ward 5 Office resources available to help people navigate the insurance process, and I encourage those who are struggling to reach out to my office at the contact information provided above.

All the best,

George Chahal

Ward 5 Councillor

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