Our ward has a high percentage of a new Calgarians who either migrated from other parts of Canada or have immigrated to Canada. Calgarians come from many different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. We need to listen, understand, and explain the shared Canadian values that bring us together.

We need to ensure that all residents become part of the Canadian fabric and the local community. Diversity is the strength of our community, our country and we are stronger together when we work together.

We need to work together with our community associations, religious and cultural groups, and other local organizations to encourage and enhance participation. As your councillor, our ward will have a Diversity Council, which meets on a regular basis to discuss the needs and issues of our community and sports associations, youth, seniors, cultural and religious groups.

To better engage local residents, I will work to establish a local community office. I would encourage our local Members of the Legislative Assembly and Member of Parliament to join us, in order that our residents have an opportunity to engage all levels of government.

We are Stronger Together when we work together.