October 6, 2017

Our campaign has been contacted by various members of the local media and residents
directly, regarding Mr. Aryan Sadat, a candidate for councillor in Ward 5.

Our system of government, at its core, is about maintaining the public trust. Transparency,
accessibility and accountability are essential attributes for elected officials.

Mr. Aryan Sadat was involved in 15 incidents between 2003 and 2010 resulting in over 50
criminal charges. Mr. Sadat was found guilty on one drug possession charge (pardon granted on
the drug possession in July 2017), agreed to 4 separate peace bonds (2006) and a non-criminal
fine (2010) for being drunk in public. In addition, he legally changed his name from Mujtaba

Sadat to Aryan Sadat (2015). We have verified the information provided to our campaign.
Under existing rules, candidates for councillor require a minimum of 100 signatures and
$100.00 to seek elected office. No other disclosures are required. In order to be clear, and not
be misquoted or misstate any information, George Chahal is issuing the following statement:

“Candidates pursuing public office need to be transparent, accessible and accountable.
Residents of Calgary need to have trust and confidence in their elected officials. Honesty and
integrity are the hallmarks of a healthy functioning democracy”.

“Mr. Sadat needs to provide full disclosure of his prior criminal charges, including any
convictions inclusive of peace bonds, pardon(s), and significant fines. These were not isolated
incidents, the charges varied and were very serious. A significant majority were withdrawn or
stayed. The residents of Ward 5 require an full explanation.

Calgarians are compassionate, tolerant and forgiving. As we have an election on October 16,
2017 and advance polling has already commenced on October 4, 2017, it is in the public
interest for Mr. Sadat to clarify and respond.” or Raj Chahal-Campaign Advisor (403) 617-2793.