Ward 5 candidate calls on competitor to explain past legal problems

A candidate running for city council in northeast Calgary's Ward 5 says one of his competitors should tell voters about his past legal problems.

George Chahal issued a statement early Friday, saying elected officials must be transparent, accessible and accountable.

He says fellow candidate Aryan Sadat has had numerous past run-ins with the law.

CBC News has confirmed those run-ins include a criminal conviction for a drug possession charge in 2006. Court records indicate Sadat entered a guilty plea and was fined $600.

In 2010, Sadat was also fined $115 after pleading guilty to public intoxication.

Candidate changed his name

Sadat legally changed his name from Mujtaba Sadat to his current name, Aryan Sadat in 2015.

Earlier this year, Sadat was granted a pardon for the drug possession charge, so he technically no longer has a criminal record.

He has also faced nearly five dozen other charges between 2003 and 2010. However, all of those other charges were either withdrawn, stayed or dismissed in court.

No other details on those charges are available.


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