Projects Around the Ward

Below you'll find a map showing the location of each project. Black dots indicate transportation and transit projects, while green dots are park and recreation projects.

Transportation and Transit 
Parks and Recreation 

  1. Metis Trail
  2. Public Safety and Traffic Lights
  3. Airport Trail
  4. Bus Route Changes
  5. Transportation and Logistics Hub
  6. Bus Rapid Transit Improvements (MAX Orange – North Crosstown)
  7. Future Blue Line LRT Extension
  8. 52nd St. / McKnight Blvd. N.E. Intersection Improvements
  9. 60th St. N.E. – Stoney Trail Ramps
  10. Road Infrastructure Improvements
  11. Park Improvements
  12. Genesis Centre Skatepark
  13. Manmeet Singh Bhullar Park Opening
  14. Genesis Centre Outdoor Artificial Turf Field
  15. Future Ward 5 Recreational Facility and Athletic Park


Metis Trail

Working with City Administration to ensure The City completed the twinning of Metis Trail N.E. from 80th Ave. N.E. to the future Airport Trail, from two lanes to four. Traffic has increased significantly in Ward 5 over the last number of years with increasing residential, commercial and industrial development in our new communities, causing longer commutes for drivers. This improvement will reduce travel times for people travelling along the corridor now and in the future. Our goals are to help residents get to their destinations safely and efficiently and this project is a step in that direction.

Public Safety and Traffic Lights

We have been working with the residents of Ward 5 to advocate for better traffic safety devices throughout our neighborhoods. In July, we hosted a traffic safety meeting to discuss community concerns and bring updates to Ward 5 residents. We got lights for our residents in Skyview Ranch and Redstone at 128th Ave. and Skyview Ranch Rd./Redstone St.

We also heard from residents about the backups on 80th Ave. between Martindale and Saddleridge, and we are excited to announce that lights at the intersection of 80th Ave. and Marthas Way/52nd St. N.E. are installed and operational. There are also lights being installed at Westwinds Drive and 47th St. N.E. and this project is expected to be completed in late January 2019.

There are countless other traffic calming measures that have been installed in Ward 5 over the past year including a pedestrian crossing device installed in Martindale, and traffic calming measures put in place by the Westwinds CTrain station. We are working diligently with Administration and will keep advocating for the safety measures that our residents deserve.

Airport Trail

Throughout my first year in office I worked with City Administration and other orders of government to secure financial commitments for the extension of Airport Trail. Airport Trail is a key east-west transportation corridor in our Ward that will provide future connectivity for Calgarians once constructed.

The Airport Trail connection will benefit thousands of commuters and visitors to our city. It will also provide essential transit and goods movement connections supporting our growing logistics and distribution industry to and from the Calgary International Airport. This will create a second, critical east-west transportation corridor and provide direct access between Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail. Construction, which will support about 400 jobs, is expected to begin in 2018 and be completed in spring 2022.

Bus Route Changes

My office has been working hard with Calgary Transit to make sure the needs of our residents are being met. Ward 5 has seen extensive growth over the years and we understand that certain communities are still striving for better Transit accessibility. Although economic times are tough, we can promise you that we will keep advocating for better services for our ever expanding population based.

Over the last year Calgary Transit has implemented some great Transit connections for our residents:

  • Extension of Route 59 to Savanna – with strong community advocacy and support we were able to work together to get this route operational.
  • New Route 23 connecting Ward 5 to the 52nd St. corridor and far southeast.
  • New Route 68 connecting Saddletowne to the 68th St. corridor and East Hills Shopping Centre.
  • Expansion of Route 145 connecting Redstone, Skyview Ranch, and Cityscape to the Saddletowne LRT Station.

Transportation and Logistics Hub

I have been working with other orders of government, the Calgary International Airport, and many different businesses to support and foster a Transportation and Logistics hub within Ward 5. Our collective vision will provide critical pieces of infrastructure that will boost jobs and the economy not only in Ward 5 but for the Greater Calgary Area as well.

Through the Goods Movement Strategy, we have been focusing on things such as improving efficiency and congestion through infrastructure solutions, enhancing goods movement infrastructure, and planning for the ever changing future. Technology is changing the way we do business, and soon we will have autonomous vehicles, commercial drone deliveries, and other advancements in the logistics sector that will change the way we do things.

Bus Rapid Transit Improvements

The City of Calgary is working to create and improve transportation options for Calgarians. One of those options in Ward 5 is the construction and implementation of the MAX Orange – North Crosstown route as part of the new MAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. BRT is a convenient, reliable, comfortable, safe and connected bus service.

BRT routes have fewer stops than a regular bus route, which means they can cover more ground, more quickly. The MAX Orange – North Crosstown BRT begins service in Fall 2018 and connects Saddletowne with Brentwood, meaning better connections and convenience for transit riders. 

Check out the full details on the City website

Future Blue Line LRT Extension

I have been a strong advocate for the extension of the Blue Line LRT (including the spur line to the Calgary International Airport) which is a major infrastructure project we have been pushing for in our Ward. Extension of the LRT in the northeast will serve some of the fastest growing communities in all Calgary. Beyond that, northeast Calgary has some of the highest transit ridership numbers in the city and an extension of the Blue Line LRT will help make the movement of a transit-savvy portion population even more mobile.

As a part of the Blue Line LRT extension, the Airport spur line connection will ultimately provide transit access to the Calgary International Airport by connecting the future Green Line LRT with the Blue Line LRT. The Airport spur line would also provide for the quickest and most efficient transit route to the airport and provide an opportunity, just like every other major metropolitan city in North America, for a direct connection to the airport.

Prior to the Blue Line LRT Extension moving forward, I brought forward a Notice of Motion earlier this year to look at the interim use of the LRT corridor for a variety of purposes. Administration is working on identifying a series of interim uses for the LRT corridor that includes but is not limited to transit improvements, pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and parks that can be converted to LRT infrastructure in the long term. As part of this initiative I am also advocating for interim bus transit service between Redstone, Skyview Ranch, Cityscape and Cornerstone and Saddeltowne LRT station on 60th St. N.E. to mirror the future Blue Line LRT route.

52nd St. / McKnight Blvd. N.E. Intersection Improvements

We have worked with Administration to ensure that improvements have been made at the McKnight Blvd. and 52nd St. N.E. intersection. The upgrades include:

  • Dual left hand turn lanes in all four directions
  • New and improved sidewalks, pathways and crossings
  • New bus queue jump lanes along 52nd St. N.E. for the North Crosstown BRT

These upgrades were done in connection with the MAX Orange BRT route implementation that will improve transit service reliability by reducing rush hour delays and provide better pedestrian access to Castleridge Plaza.

60th St. N.E. – Stoney Trail Ramps

My office worked with Administration and the province to have right-in and right-out ramps completed to serve the communities of Redstone, Skyview Ranch and Cornerstone. The 60th St. N.E. ramps will also open up other areas of these communities to future development, supporting the vision of growth for this section of the city.

Road Infrastructure Improvements

I have been working hard to have Country Hills Blvd. N.E. expanded to address traffic concerns and 60th St. N.E. built and expanded to accommodate interim Bus Rapid Transit and vehicles and ultimately the future Blue Line LRT expansion.

Park Improvements

My office has been working hard with the Parks department to address improvements needed in some of Ward 5’s parks. The Ward 5 community has seen unprecedented growth over the years and we are starting to catch up in terms of the amenities needed to support this growth.

In speaking with our community organizations and residents, we are advocating for better uses of our current spaces, and also more parks and green spaces going forward. City Administration is working diligently on a strategy that will see many current park spaces revitalized and re-purposed to make sure we are getting the most efficient uses for our community members.

I would like to thank Calgary Parks for providing additional park benches in several Ward 5 parks and green spaces this year. We will keep making improvements and working on behalf of all residents in Ward 5 to get the best uses of our parks.

Genesis Centre Skatepark

The Ward 5 office has been working with Administration to ensure the new skatepark at the Genesis Centre is set up for success once opened. The new skatepark will be constructed in the spring of 2019 at the Genesis Centre. With support from community partners, The City of Calgary and the Genesis Centre will be building the skatepark in alignment with the Skateboard Amenities Strategy.

The skatepark will be open to the public and free of charge, and all non-motorized wheeled sports will be welcome. Construction on the skatepark will begin in spring of 2019 with the projected opening in the Fall of 2019. In 2019, community partners will be collaborating to bring programs and services to the park to help new users learn about wheeled sports.

Manmeet Singh Bhullar Park Opening

Private donors, The Calgary Foundation, the Government of Alberta, and City of Calgary Administration helped to support Parks Foundation Calgary with the development and opening of this stunning park.

Genesis Centre Outdoor Artificial Turf Field

On October 16, City Council voted to support my Notice of Motion to dedicate funding to expand recreational opportunities at the Genesis Centre in North East Calgary. The City has been working with the Genesis Centre and The Province of Alberta to ensure that adequate additional funding is secured to plan, build and operate the appropriate outdoor artificial community-oriented turf field to meet the needs of our residents.

Ward 5 is growing very fast and our office is committed to advocating and fighting for more investment for recreational opportunities in our communities. This project would not have been possible without the support and advocacy from the various community and sports associations who worked with the Ward 5 office to move this great initiative forward.

This discussion of an artificial turf field has also raised the issue of the inadequacy of quality fields being provided in northeast Calgary and I have been advocating for a northeast Athletic Park. I will be working hard to ensure that our communities have the proper facilities and amenities to support our rapidly growing population.

Future Ward 5 Recreational Facility and Athletic Park

My office is pushing very hard to elevate the planning and funding of a new Ward 5 recreation facility into a high priority project within the Council budget process so we can have commitments to build a new facility in the near future. Infrastructure investment and programing for sports and recreation are critical to our communities in Ward 5.

The Genesis Centre is central to Ward 5, but with our population growth trends we obviously need to be thinking and planning for the future. We are working very hard to find the best solutions for our community members. There is also a need for another recreation facility in Ward 5, and the perfect place for this would be in the north half of the ward to cater to our northern communities of Skyview Ranch, Redstone, Cityscape and Cornerstone.


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